A perfect example of Web visualisation is LEDIX.

Takram studio, in Japan has created LEDIX, an interactive website that visualises “The Driving Company for the regional future”. What is it?  “The Driving Company for the regional future’” are growing companies that are expected to play a large role in their region’s economy and value chain in Japan.

Takram studio used Planck framework, in an attempt of expressing how this might happen through visualising their businesses with corporates inside and outside their region.

A logo for each “The Driving Company for the regional future” was also created, based on indexes provided by Teikoku Databank, showing the characteristics of the companies through a unique curve generating algorithm.

Beautiful animation, worth a look.

Link https://ledix.jp 

Find out more about Plank framework created by the studio here: https://www.takram.com/projects/planck/

Takram has developed a web-browser-based framework for visualising geographical big data. Three visualisations were created for Media Ambition Tokyo 2017, presenting data on language, air traffic, and population. The framework is designed to achieve both analytical and immersive visual experience through the use of various techniques such as parallel projection and depth of field.


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