Digital Nature presented ReverseCAVE project at the VRC award symposium, Japan last week – which will also be presented at the SIGGRAPH 2017 conference later this year.


This project aims at solving the perspective gap between VR and projection mapping.

Head mounted display (HMD) is rapidly spreading as a device for experiencing virtual reality (VR). However, VR with HMD is closed experience among those who are experiencing the VR, and can only be individually experienced by the specific person. We call this perspective gap. These perspective gaps exist in many situations. To address these problems, they created ReverseCAVE, a system for sharing the experiences of people in VR with others (observer). As another application, it is possible to visually recognise the actual appearance of the person performing the act at the motion capture studio and the superimposed character at the same time.
ReverseCAVE has four translucent screens surrounding the player. VR environment that the player is experiencing is projected onto the screens. By this, the observer can see both the physical player and the VR environment experienced by the player simultaneously. Also, in the motion capture system, when viewing the actor from the observer outside of ReverseCAVE, the character is superimposed to the actor. This makes it look as if the actor is the actual character from the observer.

They enhance the observers’ experience by ReverseCAVE.

Video – The Making of the ReverseCAVE installation
Interesting research made on VR players and how they interact in the space:

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