About the Work (official description)

This magical hologram art uses lasers and mist to give birth to a glistening artwork of light in the air. Light emitted from several different light sources blends according to a program and the points where these lights accumulate glisten brightly.

It has a simple setup and contains a fundamental idea. In the natural world all things you can see with your eyes reflect light in all directions. This hologram reproduces a state of light close to this. The sudden appearance of an artwork of light in an empty space is magical, making you recall the birth of “matter.”

The system used in this artwork is a calibration between a coordinate system on a computer and one in the real space. The idea for it was born when producing the face-mapping “OMOTE” that uses the same principal. Cutting edge technology including AR, VR, and 3D printers also use this concept as their base, and what’s interesting is the usage by all of these of open source code such as OpenCV. The codes that describe the natural world are laws, and these laws “create” the actual world. In that you can remember Plato’s ideal state that “existence” is born from “ideas.” If I may speak boldly, the bible phrase “In the beginning there was the word” could perhaps be replaced by “In the beginning there was the code.”

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Creators: Nobumichi Asai, Takuma Nakazi, Tomoya Kimpara

Special Thanks
Music Director:Tokuro Oka
Video Grapher:Kimihiro Morikawa
Solidray:Takafumi Sato, Masahiro Samejima, Kimihiro Katayama, Hidekazu Oishi
Production Manager:Ayaka Motoyoshi

By Sony Corporation, Device Solution Business Group, Analog LSI Business Division
Realized by Sony’s Pico Projector Module Technology “LEZAB”

About LEZAB product:

Source: WOW inc.
Image credit: All images and videos belong to WOW inc.