Hatsune Miku has been announced to star in a 60-second Lux commercial scheduled for release on August 30th. The CM aims to promote the new shampoo & conditioner series in line “Lux Super Rich Shine Straight & Beauty”, and will feature the theme song “Future Overture (LUX Ver.)” by Mitchie M.

The announcement was first made today via staffs as well as an announcement video at Miku Symphony, a Hatsune Miku orchestra concert sponsored by Lux Straight & Beauty that was held today. The special announcement video in question is now available on the special website that launched today.

Special website:  http://www.lux.co.jp/straight_miku/

Below are teaser images from the commercial starring Miku, as well as Scarlett Johansson.

Find more at: http://www.mikufan.com/lux-cm-starring-hatsune-miku-announced-for-august-30th/#sthash.41YmWf4v.dpuf

mikulux_01mikulux_03 mikulux_05 mikulux_04 mikulux_02

Source: Mikufan.comBIGLOBE
Image credits: Image via the CM announcement video