TABO is a tiny autonomous robot designed for iPad Pro. Ideal for kids to play games or to bring educational content to life, you can enjoy going back and forth between the physical and virtual world. You can program your own TABO too.

TABO’s movement- Bluetooth LE: is controlled by Bluetooth LE communication from a external terminal.

3 touch points: By touching the screens with 3 legs, TABO can inform i Pad Pro of its own position and direction.

As combining these two technologies, a screen is changed in accordance with TABO’s movement, and TABO is moved in accordance with a change of screen, therefore, various unique content can be realised.

Digital teaching materials are boring if inside of screens only, but working with TABO, a real robot,
it’s more fun and enjoyable learning experience! I think we will all agree with this point !

Watch the video:

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Are you a developer? You can also Hack the TABO ! It comes with the SDK written in Swift and Objective-C … so you can bring further all TABO’s potential with your creative inspiration.

Credits: Touch| plus
All pictures belong to: TABO – Touch|Plus

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