What is YouFab?

YouFab is an original concept from Japan. YouFab organised digital and creative competitions while offering cafe services; Basically, some capitals got the luxury to have a cafe where everyone is encouraged to discover, explore and create something amazing in teams.

FAB refers to the fabrication revolution that is taking the world by storm. The term FAB incorporates the meanings of both FABulous and FABrication, which is free from the constraints of mass production and market theory. The FabCafe shares the FAB spirit in a fun and user-friendly manner, while providing an open platform to support individuals in their creative efforts to make new things. FabCafe is a space where people can come together, and get to know and connect with each other. It houses a variety of digital fabrication tools including a laser cutter and 3D printer, which visitors can use to bring their digital data to life.FabCafe is where people can enjoy the thrill of making new things together and discover their own answer to the telltale FabCafe question that we always ask, “What do you Fab?”

The FabCafe global network continues to expand. In May 2013, FabCafe opened in Taiwan’ s capital Taipei, in Spain’ s Barcelona and Sitges in 2014, and in Bangkok Thailand in January 2015. And, in August 2015, Japan’ s second FabCafe will open its doors in Hida…. Sydney, soon?

Find a FabCafe close to you: http://www.youfab.info/2015/about.html

As mentioned before, YouFab is organising a global creative competition that seeks and celebrates excellence in digital fabrication such as the 3D printer and CNC.

Congratulations to all winners who have been announced last year – A quick retro on our favourite project … a Finalist project called Toki !

Toki is a media installation born from a combination of modern technologies. The time axes of movement are connected through three dimensions and given form through 3D printing. Through the application of light, the transitory movements of time are visualized. This installation will show in a new light that movement, to begin with, is realized through its relationship with time, and that time continues on incessantly, through the past, present and future.

Watch the process of making Toki here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJtgSNI2me8
Find out more: http://www.youfab.info/2015/winners/toki



View all winners here: http://www.youfab.info/2015/winners.html

Enjoy all the latest and smartest ideas in digital fabrication…

Source: YouFab website
Image Credits: All images belong to YouFab