What is Wonderwall ?

Official description: 
Wonderwall is an interior design firm established by Masamichi Katayama, Japan. His portfolio includes a multitude of commercial spaces, such as retail spaces, restaurants and bars, as well as office showrooms, and building complexes that are distinctly unique in design and yet attentive to function.

Visit the website: http://wonder-wall.com/#project/en


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There’re lots of amazing projects made by Masamichi and really encourage you to have a look at his website for the full list of projects.

My top 2 projects among millions… 


Official description:
The project is an exhibition space design for artist Yasuhiro Suzuki held at the Art Tower Mito. The spaces are partitioned with walls so that the line of flow converge and cross each other as one advances through the exhibit. This has allowed us to effectively display the artist’s signature large-scale works, such as “Perspective of the Globe Jungle,” “Balloon Being,” and “Blinking Leaves.” The layout continues to capture the visitor’s attention and their curiosity for the artworks to the very end. Not only have these partition walls enabled us to make use of each and every corner as part of a successful exhibition, but they have also facilitated in creating a new kind of relaxing atmosphere. The design of this exhibition space is one that takes full advantage of Arata Isozaki’s architecture and the light that flows into its capacity.

Visit Project website: http://wonder-wall.com/#project/en/306

A few key screenshots: 

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 10.10.18 pm Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 10.11.20 pm Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 10.11.12 pm Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 10.10.50 pm Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 10.10.39 pm

Project 2. INTERSECT BY LEXUS (Tokyo)

Official description:
Lexus has opened its very first flagship space as a global brand. This was a project to create a new conceptual “space” to cast the spotlight on the phenomena and people surrounding Lexus. The design evokes the feeling of a clubhouse or salon that can serve as a platform for gathering and sharing a variety of information and activities. Inside the three story building are a café, a garage that can be utilized as a gallery, a lounge, and a clubroom. The various Lexus elements and technologies are incorporated in the design in a subtle, understated way from the screen on the façade that is inspired by the Lexus spindle grille to the wall made up of car parts. The space achieves a fine balance, embodying Lexus throughout without being overly assertive, appealing to the diverse population that visits Aoyama.

Visit the project website: http://www.lexus-int.com/intersect/tokyo/

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Source: All projects belong to Wonderwall
Image credits: All images belong to Wonderwall, and Intesect by Lexus