As part of the festival of ideas created by INTERSECT BY LEXUS, Tokyo and in partnership with Forbes Japan – Intersect presents “Design Entrepreneur Showcase” from June 16th to July 7th, featuring prototypes highlighting business innovation through design.

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Not to be missed if you are in Tokyo, Japan!


The prototypes offer opportunities for visitors to touch and interact with the latest design evolutions in the digital age, with a focus on user experience.

The exhibition showcases the potential for design to affect people’s experiences and sensations, and transform business and society.

Below is the list of speakers and exhibits:

Pixie Dust
This speaker by “modern-day wizard” Yoichi Ochiai’s Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc. will go on sale this autumn. It can make objects levitate through ultrasonic waves and move them in the air. It offers a new type of speaker experience where objects move in the air in response to music.
Exhibitor: Yoichi Ochiai (CEO and Co-Founder/Wizard, Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc.)
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While at first glance this appears to be a chic analog wristwatch, it is in fact a smartwatch that intuitively displays information through light and vibration. This new style of smartwatch takes an alternative approach to the conventional full-display design, allowing the wearer to stay online while also pay attention to what is around them.
Exhibitor: Jin Nonogami (CEO, VELDT Inc)
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Paper Fortune Teller / Geometric Circuit
Paper Fortune Teller is a paper circuit made with silver nano ink. The electrical circuit is printed on a flat surface and made three-dimensional by folding it in the style of traditional Japanese origami. The movable folds touch, the circuit connects and the paper fortune teller lights up. Geometric Circuit is a practice model using the same technology for the foundational circuitry and structure. The design was developed in partnership with MTDO.
Exhibitor: Masaaki Sugimoto (Co-Founder, AgIC, Ltd.)
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Moff Band
This popular wearable smart toy has been the second best-selling electronic kids’ toy on Amazon Japan. You wear the Moff Band on your arm and use it with a dedicated app to experience a range of movements and sounds such as musical performances, sports, and games.
Exhibitor: Akinori Takahagi (Co-Founder and CEO, Moff Inc cialis price.)
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This is a portable moving support robot. You stand with both legs on the flat device, which is equipped with small tires. You control it simply by leaning your body in the direction you wish to go. The compact WalkCar is around the size of a laptop computer, allowing you to carry it around easily for whenever you need assistance in mobility.
Exhibitor: Kuniaki Sato (CEO, cocoa motors. Inc)
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FOVE is a virtual reality head-mounted display that features internal infrared eye-tracking sensors. It offers a new user experience matching eyeline with the gun sight in shooting games and delivering realistic eye contact with game characters.
Exhibitors: Yuka Kojima (CEO/Co-Founder, FOVE), Lochlainn Wilson (CTO/Co-Founder, FOVE)
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