The Air Show is happening right now in France, and I am really excited about the release of the new- A350 XWB jetliner.

You can watch Paris Air Show – day 1 highlights here:

Visit Paris Air Show here:

This news reminded me that I wanted to talk and share a story about drones ! yep, they are wicked!.

I am really intrigued with the new trends happening in Australia and in Sydney about “underground drone racing”. A growing number of pilots are taking to the sky and squaring off in the world of competitive underground drone racing !

These races are held in abandoned warehouses, empty car parks (to avoid legal problems) …often at night when no one is there, in secluded parks or on private property… (mainly for public safety but also the CASA’s licensing regulations don’t apply as strictly indoors)

All fans involved in this movement are hoping to one day take it to arenas and stadiums across the country ! Well actually, the first championship of drone racing is happening in the USA this year in July 2015, in 1 month.

Check this event here: 
And the rules here:

Drones can now fly more than 150km/h in a straight line. Around a track, they usually max out at ‘about 50 or 60’km/h. The growing movement has really started to take off once smaller quads and drones were invented, which made racing much more possible.

If you have no idea by where to start; well, check out a “my first drone” website and look into buying a “beginner drone” so you can practice your flying skills (via simple controller instead of the googles)
Alternatively, you can buy kits to create your own.

I can recommend the models:
Hubsan X4 With 720p Camera
Extreme Micro-Drone 2.0
UDI U839
The Quietest Drone: Syma X4

There’re ranging from $40 to $100 USD dollars, so time to save ! and remember to fly safely….

Or you can check out the most complex models, such as phantom 3 or 3D robotics solo.

A few screenshots below:

drones-start 29A6AAFC00000578-0-_At_first_I_just_liked_floating_around_filming_stuff_but_then_tw-a-36_1434413453465 29A6AAB100000578-0-Mark_Cocquio_who_has_been_flying_FPV_First_Person_View_quadcopte-a-35_1434413446992

Final note if you are going to an underground drone racing: Don’t call them “drones” but rather Mini quads.

Check the upcoming Drone racing competition:


Of course outside racing, Drones are increasingly being used across a variety of industries to help minimize operating costs, mitigate safety risks and improve decision making. The potential is huge in Agriculture, Architecture, Construction, Mining etc… but we will cover this aspect on a new post very soon !

Worth checking Airware company for this matter:
They created their own operating system for Commercial Drones; integrating with flight operations; aerial data with existing business processes ; software including enterprise resource planning (ERP); enterprise asset management (EAM) and geographic information systems (GIS).

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 10.47.30 pm

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 10.47.47 pm


Sources: Air Show Paris, Business Insider, Daily Mail UK, My First Drone

All Pictures belong and are from: Shannon Reddaway

A final reminder of the do’s and don’t …with your drones:

Always check the law that applies in your country.