Remember having a penpal as a kid? Oh, the simple joy of receiving a letter from a stranger across the globe? Pally is a new social network that connects those interested in cultural sharing, language exchange and international friends.

Wonder Why? Well ….current social networks are lacking substance internationally. You can “like” someone’s photo from across the world, but will never know anything else about them. So, Pally is connecting those genuinely looking for global friendships. We’re bringing pen palling into the modern day – iPhone first!

A few key features of the app include:  searching penal by country/language/age, sharing photos, translated messaging, chat and voice messages.

Pally is made in Silicon Valley with a large focus on Asia – Users from Asia have a history of high adoption rates in social networking apps, Eric points out to the Seishin team.

The site is opening on April 1st. You can start applying for an Invite!


We chat with Eric Fung, founder of Pally ….

Eric, What’s your background?

I live in the heart of Silicon Valley and I’m a son of 2 immigrant parents from Hong Kong. I’ve worked for software startups and also large companies such as Oracle and EMC. However, my passion remains in entrepreneurship.

My specifically is finding ways to create a more connected world. This is why I started Pally app. As a child, I remember having a penpal from another country. They were so far, yet they felt so close whenever I read their letters! So, I’ve decided to bring back the joy of penpalling, but for the modern day.
My hobbies include volunteering, sports and inspirational literature.

Thanks Eric ! I already asked for my Beta Invite, time to join and meet new friends !

Screenshots of the app 

Pally 4


Pally 2SS

Pally 1 SS


Source: Eric Fung
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