CP+ Camera & Photo imaging show was held last week, in Yokohama, Japan.

Official description of the show: 
Our everyday lives provide us with opportunities to make new discoveries and
enjoy fun encounters. Nothing beats the joy of focusing the frame of your camera
on these moments and capturing some memorable scenes. Printing and imaging
has made it possible for us to share this delight with family and friends, and create
lasting memories we can cherish. Thanks to advances in photo imaging technology,
anyone can take images that once required the use of special equipment and

CP+ is where people can experience the joy of “shooting, viewing, and connecting.”
It proposes ways to lead a rich photo imaging life, and serves as the stage for the
presentation of World Premiere products.

Watch all latest feature announcements and discover behind the scene here: 
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Visit the official website here: http://www.cpplus.jp/en/

The concept of the show is :

 CP+  pushes for an evolution in all aspects – technology, culture and industry- of camera and photo imaging. 

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Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 12.34.36 pm

With a number of World Premieres (world-first announcements of products in Japan), CP+ will more effectively introduce new products,technologies, and information to various target consumers.

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Image credits: CP+ Camera Show