Baek Won-in (third from left), the chief executive of ImageNEXT, inspects his company’s booth at 2015 International CES in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

Source and image rights: Kim Young-won from The Korea Herald

A quick update on the CES 2015 – LAS VEGAS A handful of small but tech-savvy Korean companies are ramping up efforts to gain a footing in the global technology industry during the 2015 International CES conference.

Three companies have been featured on The Korea Herald. ImageNEXT is developing OmniPAD: A360 degree-view cameras, with a navigation system and a block box.

The OmniPAD is targeting not only sedans but also various types of vehicles including trucks and school buses,” Baek Won-in, the chief executive of ImageNEXT, told The Korea Herald.

A notable feature of the camera-and-navigation system is that it can provide a myriad of information to drivers such as driving and maintenance records, vehicle status and gas usage.

With smartphones connected to the OmniPAD through networks, people other than drivers can monitor the outside views recorded by the around-view cameras.

Another company which is close to my startup is:
HoloDigilog Human Media Research Center, a college start-up, that featured its first prototype of futuristic displays -with the start-up’s omnidirectional table top 3-D display, people can see holographic images.

“Even though the resolution displayed here at the trade show is a bit low, it will greatly improve down the road,” said Kim Seung-cheol, professor at the research center of Kwangwoon University in Seoul, at HoloDigilog’s booth at the trade show –

And I agree with this statement at 100%, since I am working on a similar project at the moment !

Finally, a third start up include:
Haesung Optics – displays its camera module and is a black box manufacturer and supplier of Samsung Electronics. The Korean camera module maker provides its high-definition lens for endoscopes to global smartphone and security camera powerhouses, including Samsung, Honeywell and Hikvision… just to name a few.

Overall, 54 small and medium-sized firms led by the state-run Korean Trade Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) are also taking part in this year’s CES.

A few images of the CES 2015 the world’s biggest tech show below:

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Source: original article from Kim Young-won correspondent, Korea Herald correspondent
Image credits: CES 2015, Korea Herald correspondent, CNET