DotFes Fukuoka (Kyushu, Japan), is a festival gathering all lovers of digital technology. Including technology courses and presentations by creators and leaders of the digital era, the event is sure to be a success.

I have been interested in finding further information about this festival. The event was held inside the Kyushu University Faculty of Engineering and Art of Ohashi campus multidimensional design laboratory –  last Sunday (Sunday 21th December).

The program included following artists and speakers:

Ichioka Ryota
Hachiroku generation entrepreneurs of Hokkaido, born in 1986 born.
Established a company of enrolled at system trustee University, engaged in system development. 2010, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Joined, engaged in corporate sales. Established Corporation MUGENUP in June 2011.

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Kawada Tom
Developers / AR three brothers / eldest son
1976 Born in Kumamoto Prefecture.
He joined in 2001 leading sewing machine manufacturer affiliates. As I wrote at the interview “The Future of the resume”, all design and server design around Web, developed a parts ordering system that functions in all the world, a patent that connects the sewing machine and net brainchild. Appeared in 2013 passion continent, it created and directed, in addition to the development of the stage “pattern” in 2014, for example, serve the navigator of the radio program (J-WAVE “THE HANGOUT”), extends the stage of blatantly active rather than a metaphor has continued.

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Kobayashi Atsumasa
Bento dot Jepi representative director Co., Ltd.
1986 Born in Hokkaido.
Ltd. Bento dot JP Representative Director / CEO. Such as the experience Shanghai Branch launched in Tokyo Institute of Technology after graduation to (stock) Itokuro. Than in 2012 (strain) launch Bento dot JP.


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Shirakawa Motohiro
Director / video director
1974 Born in Osaka.

I specialize in video representation with character. Original short animation “Mr.shape” is screened at such more than 10 countries of the world film festival has received high evaluation.
In addition, planning, directing, parent-child for educational app “Mr.shape touch card” that was responsible for the illustrations are chosen to Good Design Award and Japan Media Arts Festival Jury Recommended Works, many records 60 million downloads now have been entertained in a parent-child. In 2014 the end of August, also engaged in full Purodeyusu of Hakata Daimaru Kids & Family floor “Hai! Touch Town” (B1F).
Parent-child images that target, from the planning and production of application up to the production of books, and has been active in a wide range of creative style.

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Nagai Kenichi
One-to-ten-design director / chief technology officer / Technical Director
1980 Niigata born.

Believe in the “interesting and want to make something transmitted”, based on the development of web systems and Flash content, such as promotional attraction robot, you are creating a experience agnostic area. Especially the last two years, I have led the conversation development of Softbank robot Pepper from technical. Cannes Advertising Festival Gold Award, TIAA Gold, such as Good Design Award, winning a number of national and international.

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Nakao Tsuyoshi
Adobe Systems, Inc.
Creative Cloud Evangelist
1965 Okinawa Koza City was born.

Career start as Sophia University Faculty of Science and Technology of Electrical and Electronic Engineering after graduation professional video system engineers. Then Apple Disability Center, UMAX, Visio, and Microsoft MacBU, is engaged in a consistent product marketing business and the IT system hardware and software vendors.
June 2012, after joining Adobe as Creative Cloud evangelist, is engaged in the migration accelerator latest technology of Adobe, product, and appeal of service. When IT force world varies believe the ‘serious’ wishes, life work be performed. Every Thursday 20:00 CreativeCloud in dojo on USTREAM offered.

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Nakahara Hironori
Representative Director Corporation giftee/co-founder designer
1978, Okayama Prefecture, was born.

2003, Chiba University Graduate School of Science and Technology, Department of Design Science graduates. And start a career in design at freelance from 2003. Founded in July 2009 to “nD”. Otsuka Pharmaceutical Oronine, such as, I worked on various sizes campaign / social media sites.
2010 “election Select your Google Future 2009” TIAA award.

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Nakamura Shunsuke
Mechanism design representative director / art Ph.D.
1975 born.

After graduating from the Nagoya University Department of Architecture, and continued to study while created a media art at the Kyushu Institute of Design Graduate School (now Kyushu University Faculty), and a Ph.D. (art engineering). 2005, in order to design a mechanism for fun the world, and established a mechanism design. 2013 in many Winners such as become the world in the international contest of Intel, has worked real-time video production such as participatory signage and live concerts, a number of Japan’s first.

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Nakamura Hiroki
Creative Director
1979 Tochigi Prefecture born.

Through the Dentsu, was established in 2011 Creative Lab “PARTY”. Initially, it had been one after another announced a banner ad of innovative approach, eventually it becomes engaged in the entire campaign. As a technical director for planning the advertising ideas from Web technologies, I engaged in Uniqlo, Toyota, Sony, the brands such as TOTO. Won the domestic and foreign more than 200 Advertising Awards, numerous jury history. “Real Escape Game online”, etc., active in a wide range of areas beyond the framework of advertising and media.

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Bye Bye World
Yoshimoto robot Institute chief creators

“Bye Bye World” is Entertainment Studio unit for manufacturing due to Takahashi Tadashishi and Shinkyonhon, specializing in entertainment. Mainly Takahashi hardware surface, Shin is responsible for the planning and development of software surface. I do work production, product development and application development and performance which is a combination of analog and digital. Toys to clap with one hand on the masterpiece “crackling Crappie”, life-size applause machine “sound hand (Onzu)”, etc.. Also since June 2014, as chief creator of Yoshimoto robot Institute, is involved in the official application development of Softbank Robotics Corporation of emotion recognition personal robot Pepper.

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Hayashi Kaname
SOFTBANK Robotics Corporation Product headquarters PMO Office,
Pepper development leader of the project

First graduating class outside of the next generation of leaders training project that Softbank representative, Masayoshi Son has launched “SOFTBANK Academia”. Career change for Pepper development in Softbank Mobile [at that time] from former automobile company Softbank Academia is edge. And in striving to develop it for the now generally available.


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Matsuguma Hiroyuki
Kyushu University Graduate School of Faculty of content creative design department Associate Professor
1970 Saga born.

Kyushu Institute of Design graduate. After working as a CG designer from 1997 in six years Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., incumbent than 2003.
I do research and development focusing on content design such as animation and games.
From 2009, served as the Fukuoka consignment business “serious game project” representative in the industry-academia-government collaboration, development of young creators while performing the production and dissemination educational activities of serious games and, it is a new digital content, including the game you are focused on developments in the field. Currently, mainly conduct the game research and development of for the purpose of rehabilitation health care for the elderly, and in activities in conjunction with the hospital and welfare facilities.

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Manabe Kairi
Content planner / interactive planner
1982 Miyazaki was born.

After graduating from university, incumbent through Tower Records, the WEB production. Centered on the “content” ask people, think about the communication idea.
The main AUTOWAY of WebCM had become a hot topic worldwide as work “snow-covered road scary”, “suddenly BAN”, West newspaper WebCM “the world’s fastest newspaper delivery” is a hot topic in the most recent.
The award-winning, ADFEST Silver, Times ASIA-Pacific Advertising Awards Gold, ADSTARS Crystal, mobile advertising Awards Grand Prix, Dentsu, TCC Jury Prize, K-ADC Award, Fukuoka Advertising Association Award, FCC Award other. The 2011 is selected in the WEB people Award.

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