GRAPHIC PASSPORT is an event held under the concept of ” THINK, TOUCH, TALK”  which has invited leading creators from within and outside Japan since 2009. The conference provides guests with creativity-related programs, exhibitions and workshops. This conference was held for the first time in Bangkok, Thailand, bringing the Japanese and the Thai creative talents together – thanks to Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC)

You should check TCDC library full of design resources –  if you’re studying graphic design at school, you should have a quick look at their resources ! (thanks me later!)

I want to feature four Japanese creators, Yuni Yoshida, NAM, Satoshi Horii of Rhizomatiks, and SemiTransparent design,who were selected from the fields of Graphic design, photography, technology, and Interactive as possessing a unique visual sensibility and being representative of present-day Tokyo. They spoke at the conference earlier this year and here are a quick snapshot of their work, and stories.



Yuni Yoshida

Yuni Yoshida is an art director that manages from initiating the idea up until the final product, she is not just an ordinary graphic designer, but someone who is able to produce visuals that’s unique is Yuni Yoshida. In order to give life of the image on her mind, she carefully observes every details strategically; the visual that was just an imagery, given the crafty technique creates the setting so realistically.

Check her website:

Her work includes, just to show a few, below amazing graphic designs:

img13 img01 img08 img04 img03 img07

 All image credits go to Yuni Yoshida



NAM explores new realms of visual expression by incorporating graphic art sense into photos. Their chosen method of inquiry involves working entirely by hand, such as hanging actual objects using plastic wire, rather than employing CG or synthetic production techniques made possible by digital advancements. Here we speak with NAM about not only their thoughts on the connection between reality and fantasy via their surreal artwork.

Check their website:

PV_portrait-3 KV_landscape3 KV_landscape2 ButterTrade ShowJan. 2013_4 KV_landscape1

All image credits go to NAM
Above are featured image for the Onitsuka Tiger SS13 global campaign – Craft of Movement.


Satoshi Horii of Rhizomatiks

Rendering of video works, sound, web, graphic and various types of design process combining eloquently of the unique ideas through digital technology, creates interactive works is Rhizomatiks. The works fascinate us by their remarkable sense of creativity and converting sense recognized worldwide.

Check their website:

I don’t think you can capture Rhizomatiks work on pictures. You can watch all their videos on their blog. I leave you with one that I found fascinating…

Watch here:
(Also featured at the top of this post)

Enjoy !

SemiTransparent design

Semitransparent Design explores the possibilities of graphical expression online, and has continually researched the upper limits of the internet’s potential since their founding. Their novel participatory designs have caught the eyes of creators across the globe, as well as won them many international awards as revolutionaries in the field of interactive design.

Check their website:

1540 1541 1542-1 1543-1

All image credits goes to SemiTransparent Design

You can further discover the Art of Gundam by visiting the following sites (eng/jap): 

I am writing more posts about emerging creative technologists and graphic designers all around Asia, so stay tuned !