Digital Content Expo 2014, held at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, known as Miraikan, in Koto Ward, featured exhibits such as wearable devices that can take photos at one’s happiest moments by analyzing your brainwaves. Be careful of what you are wishing for !

There were also eyewear that allows people to virtually touch 3-D renderings of anime characters.

University students played a significant role in the exhibition. One group of students from the University of Tokyo showed off an invention called AgIC Print that allows anyone with a printer to design an electronic circuit board cheaply and without having to rely on in-depth technical knowledge.

One application of the AgIC Print technology involves a pen with ink containing nanoparticles of silver, which can be used to draw circuit boards by hand.

You can read more about this technology from a previous post on seishin blog Here

Meanwhile, students from the Tokyo Institute of Technology introduced something they call AquaFall Display, which is an invention that uses water and mist to create visual images. The students believe the technology has applications in the entertainment industry.

The Event Concept is simple: Building a bridge for digital innovation


Official Description – Building a bridge for digital innovation
While the stars of the show at most sales promotion expos and trade fairs are the new products on display at each festive exhibition booth, at DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO the spotlight is focused on prototype systems and technology so new that it is still in the R&D stage, far from being ready to be turned into a product. There are not a few pieces of technology which have been created in research laboratories and universities only to disappear off the face of the earth without ever being turned into a product. When a piece of technology fails to make it out of the product phase it is often said to have become trapped in the “valley of death.” Overcoming this valley requires that those residing on both sides have frequent exchanges and build a bridge to make crossing possible. DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO 2014 will bring together under one roof many of the cutting-edge technologies of the world. By thinking about the possibilities of technology from the perspectives of researchers, businesses and creators, and showing society the latest innovations, the Expo will work to build a bridge over the valley of death.

The program is organised around 4 core activities:

1.Innovative technologies 2014
2.Feartures 2014
3.Content Technology Showcase
4.International Programs

Visit the official website:

Want to discover all latest technologies display at the event ? You can watch the summary Here

You can also watch last year’s highlights on Seishin blog homepage! Or simply register to the DCEXPO TV. That works too!

I am focusing on the NeuroCam project on a next post… Stay Tuned. And you know where to find us next year !


Image Credits: DCEXPO
Sources: DCEXPO