SIXPENCE new brand’s official website won mainland China’s first HTML5 FWA SOTD and Awwwards !

SIXPENCE gather independent fashion designers / buyers. Yan Xiao and Vito are partnering to create an independent brand, focusing on creation of exquisite and limited production of hand-stitched clothing. Fighter is SIXPENCE creative series for the first time. The website has been designed and developed by ACTIVATION NODEPLUS, a creative agency based in China.

ACTIVATION NODEPLUS is committed to create distinctive creative, fine design, and interactive technology into the forefront of the digital experience creative. SIXPENCE project challenge is not just the creation and brand temperament consistent visual design and experience, but requires the use of HTML5 technology to achieve a single version across platforms and across numerous browsers.

We believe in excellent interactive digital works, all creative and design, will eventually translate into the experience we render.

In this project, we adopted a clever CSS Keyframes Animation for users to switch pages when browsing the wheel, creating a great sense of space “perspective” view results, and in many places in the entire work unit, through a highly visual impact HTML DIV 3D real-time force and the technical difficulty of “cutting” experience (Real-time DIV Scissor Experience). Unlike simple cut a picture that contains graphic images for complex real-time overall cut DIV element, this is a very innovative and successful front-end technology use. The sounds complicated technical innovation, convergence to the final fine visual presentation, we finally did it smooth consistent user experience across different browsers and across platforms.

The works will be included into the Awwwards Design Yearbook, and published in “The Best 365 Websites Around The World” 2014, this is the first creative agency in mainland China to win this honor.

Visit the website:


ACTIVATION NODEPLUS recently developed a branding microsite for SIXPENCE, a newly established indie-designers collaboration store by two fashion designers / Buyer Yan Xiao and Vito. Fighter featuring the debut series of their hand-sewn apparels.
The challenge of this microsite is to design a distinctive and innovative website experience to differentiate itself from the mass. Addition to that, a cross-platform compatibility is required as well.
The concept is to convey a cult-like brand message that speaks the same language as its target audience. Thus, the agency created a fresh and effective responsive design with CSS keyframes scroll down motion experience. Furthermore, with technical and innovative approaches, we crafted an absolutely stunning random real-time DIV scissor transition effect. All of those features are not only friendly on different modern browsers, but also works perfectly on iPhone / iPad.

SIXPENCE Store Fighter Branding Microsite by ACTIVATION NODEPLUS has won the Prestigious FWA SOTD, FWA MOTD, Awwwards SOTD, Awwwards HM, CSS Design Awards, French Design Index, CSS Winner, and Design Licks…. just to name a few…

This work will be selected and printed in Awwwards annual editorial book “The Best 365 Websites Around The World” 2014 as well. This is the first HTML5 FWA SOTD for Mainland China ! Congrats !

A few screenshots of the Sixpence website 

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Source: FWA, Translation from Digitaling China
Image credits: Activation Nodeplus, Sixpence