While origami is Japan’s best known paper craft, its less famous relative, kamikiri, has been around since the 19th century. In contrast to the intricate folding techniques of origami, kamikiri, literally “paper cutting,” involves creating an unbroken cutout from a sheet of paper.

Chiba-born artist Akira Nagaya is a kamikiri master, and many of his designs are inspired by centuries-old imagery such as the phoenix, fuujin wind spirits, or the Seven Gods of Fortune. Occasionally, though, Nagaya turns to more modern muses, as with these amazing kamikiri versions of some of anime’s biggest characters.

What’s even more impressive is that for his collection of Japanese animation icons, Nagaya doesn’t use any special, high-grade paper….. Instead, he crafts each one from a single Post-it note!

Check out a few examples of his artworks below: 

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Visit his website here: http://www.akira-nagaya.com
Visit his official Facebook page including videos of his work Here

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork, RocketNews24
Image credits: Akira Nagaya