Perrier launched a great campaign a few weeks ago in China called “Liberation and Win” where you can upload your picture and burst into a Perrier bubble, a fun game where you can win a trip to Paris. Also available as mobile game, download on Apple and Android China app stores.

If you’re based in China, lucky you, you can visit the site Here
(restricted access apply from Australia)

Watch the campaign winners on Youku (please wait for the end of the first advertisement)

Watch Video 1: Perrier release win, photographer Yang Fan photographic experience Here
Description: Discover how Perrier winners show confidence under the photographer’s charismatic guidance

Watch Video 2: Perrier release win, Xufeng Li’s release modeling experience Here
Description: Fashion is no longer just for the celebrities and exclusive people.

Watch Video 3: Perrier release win – photographer Yang Fan photographic experience Here
(also featured at the top of the post) 
Description: Want to know how to show the best of yourself in front of the camera?

A few screenshots of the campaign

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Image credits: Perrier China
Source: Perrier China