Unicef Roly-Poly donation box help children in needs to stand up !

Watch this emotional outdoor activity in South Korea here
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The Brief
People underestimate the power of their little help! We all know that millions of children in the world are suffering from starvation and disease. But many of us still donate know that our little help could save their lives and make them stand up.

The Idea
Roly-polies that stand up by the weight of the coins

Daehong communications, based in Seoul, South Korea– created a Roly-poly donation box representing a child who needs our help and place them at many places in Seoul. When people donate their coins into the Roly-polies lying down on the street, the Roly-polies stand up by themselves because of the weight of coins.

The result People experienced what their little help could do About 10,000 people have donated their coins and played with our Roly-polies.

Also, a number of people share articles and pictures on their SNSes. Roly-poly donation boxes gave people an intuitive motivation to help children in need.

Digital agency: Daehong communications
Unicef, Daehong communications