Child safety education for many young parents can be challenging, so how to help them on this important matter? Erie Ark and Yili group in China created a platform dedicated specifically for both parents and kids.

Parents can jump online, play the video game, answer quiz and check results if they pass or …fail…the good parent test! In the process, parents can learn about the four aspects of : earthquake, fire, first aid, child safety education knowledge. The site is full of playful interactive pages and sharable content.

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Official Music created for the event:
Erie’s Ark theme song “World so I depart”

Kids can also upload their designs, and win prizes. This project goes also offline – Erie Ark Project China is currently the largest child-safety-themed public projects – Since November 2012 to date, the campaign has gone through 40,008 one thousand kilometers, into the country 16 provinces, and approached nearly two million children directly to safety training.

Yili Group & Erie Ark also build the Ark Project 16 “Campus safety demonstration school”, and established 16 school “campus safety contingency plans” in order to play its role in the demonstration on how to react to earthquake and other extreme situations for kids.

Screenshots of this campaign 

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Source: Erie Ark Project
Image credit: Erie Ark Project