Samsung’s Color Therapy is a multi-sensory experience launched in six cities worldwide : New York,  London, Amsterdam, Milan, Singapore and Toronto. Samsung wants to prove this with a series of interactive billboards that change colour according to the weather.

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A screensaver-like billboard has been installed in New York’s Times Square and others will be coming to London, Amsterdam, Singapore and Toronto from August 2014.

The project is called Color Therapy and it is designed to showcase the capabilities of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S which displays more than 90% of nature’s color palette. The billboards use the same technologies as the Galaxy Tab S displays on a larger scale.

When one experiences color on a purely emotional level, unfiltered and instinctually, it is as if one were actually seeing a completely new range of colors
renowned intermedia artist Marcos Lutyens, who designed Color Therapy, explains on his website.

Lutyens’ abstract images are accompanied by music from world music artist Yuval Ron and the concept itself was developed by Samsung’s longtime agency, Cheil Worldwide. The images change color and shape in nearly 150 ways in correspondence with the humidity, wind and temperature of the city.

View all artists behind this project here

On his website, Lutyens explains:

The project seeks to engage with passers-by, as visuals evolve and morph to counter-balance according to each city’s current conditions. The color of the elements counter the weather conditions, creating emotional warmth when it’s cold, wet or windy, and a feeling of calm and being refreshed when it’s hot, dry or still.

What is cool is each city has its own motif –  the Milan billboard features shattered glass, Singapore’s is smoke and New York’s creates images from ink.

The aim of the project is to demonstrate the power of color on the thousands of people who move through the heart of each city every day. The displays have been designed to have a positive impact on passersby, lifting their mood through color alone.
Truly a multi-sensory and uplifting experience, Color Therapy is a natural way for Samsung to promote the powers of the new Galaxy Tab S !

Images of a few displays worldwide

country_03 country_05country_04  country_01detail_from_color_therapy_by_samsung_singapore  detail_from_color_therapy_by_samsung_amsterdamdetail_from_color_therapy_by_samsung_milan   detail_from_color_therapy_by_samsung_london 

Can you let me know if you spot one ?

PSFK, Lyutens
Image credits: PSFKLyutens,Tabcolors from SamSung