Japanese studio teamLab is examining the beauty of outer space right here on Earth—more specifically in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo. The exhibit, entitled “Universe of Water Particles Under Satellite’s Gravity”, consists of two parts: a giant model of the ALOS-2 satellite and a stunning projection-mapped waterfall rendered in ridiculous detail.

TeamLab constructed the physical ALOS-2 model to rest in the museum, but they also created a meticulous representation of the satellite in digital space, even down to the gravitational mass the satellite possesses.

The creators compare the effect to traditional Japanese painting, writing that:

In traditional Japanese painting, oceans, rivers and bodies of water are expressed as a curvilinear series of lines. These lines give the impression of life, as though water itself were a living creature.

Worth checking the teamLab website including the Vortex of Water Particles and The Waterfall of Saga Castle.
Universe of Water is the most recent in a teamLab series exploring aquatic aesthetic.


TeamLab has produced a multitude of forward-thinking projects in today’s Japanese art ecosystem, including such eye-widening works as a projection mapped water simulations and a world of glowing, musical orbs…

TeamLab has begun to reach across the Pacific and establish a foothold in the USA by securing an exhibition at Pace Gallery, New York  called “Ultra Subjective Space”— This is their first ever exhibition within the United States – showcasing flowing digital water, Edo period-inspired animated digital paintings, and serenely morphing abstract plants.
Each frame captures a “film story based on the themes of: civilization and nature, collision, circulation, symbiosis” according to teamLab’s website.

Visit the official website here: http://ultrasubjectivespace.com

The Pace Gallery space includes four other works from teamLab’s repertoire:
1.Crows are Chased and the Chasing Crows are Destined to be Chased as Well
2.Light in Dark, 2014
3.Ever Blossoming Life, 2014; Cold Life, 2014
4.Universe of Water Particles,2013

In New York at the moment ? the exhibition closes on August 15th. Still a week to go !

In October, the Japan Society will host teamLab’s second ever U.S. exhibition entitled, Garden of Unearthly Delights: Works by Ikeda, Tenmyouya & teamLab, which will feature some of their cutting edge interactive pieces.

To see more of teamLab’s work, visit the Pace Gallery before August 15, or check out teamLab’s online sampling of the exhibition on their website ! it’s definitely worth it.

Images of the exhibition

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Image credits: Pace Gallery and TeamLab.
Source: Pace GalleryTeamLab, Vice.