Masakazu Shirane + Saya Miyazaki is a space design firm in Japan, recognized for its work in architecture, interior design, and spatial art. Their studio is all about “Craftsmanship” which they find in new materials and design innovation The firm is developing the designs “made in Japan”!

As the Creator Project mentioned – Nearly two centuries after the kaleidoscope was patented by Scottish physicist Sir David Brewster in 1817, both designers have finally given the classic design a run for its money.

Inside of an industrial shipping container in Japan, they constructed a life-sized mirrored polyhedron installation. Their origami work inspired zipper technology since 2007 – they had high hopes for its future usage as an architectural material, and… it did pay off.

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This project, called Wink, premiered at Kobe Biennale’s Art Container Contest won a Silver at’ A Design Award Winner for Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Category in 2013.

How it works
Made up of 1,100 panels of only two separate triangular shapes, using digital 3D modeling studios Rhino and Grasshopper, the Shirane-Miyazaki team was able to fold a 15mX8m plane into the 40ft container. Given Wink’s folded nature, and the additional use of cloth and zippers, the interior form can actually change shape just by adjusting the length of the wires that suspend it.

Visitors are free to unzip it as they navigate the space as well!

The design firm stated:

 the most effect way to exhibit the work in a container, relies on assembling, taking apart and moving simply and quickly. Zipper is very effective for that.

Completed on-site in just 4 hours, hope to see the exhibition in Sydney one day –  Love the zippable-windows 

Images of Wink Space exhibition 







Source: The Creator Project
Image credits:Masakazu Shirane and Saya Miyazaki, A Design competition