How it works
(1) Create your avatar: choose your hair style, clothes and accessories, etc… to create a personalised image from the options available on site.
(2) Create your manifesto: Get your manifesto published on site, about your daily habits, and take a stand to “free your skin”
(3) Share and blog to win prizes: Log on Weibo and share your image indiaviagra.net.
– If you like a friend’s image, you can vote for him/her, and forwarded his/her image, and get an extra chance to win.
– All avatars are showing up on site creating a Schick fan community.
– Each share on a Weibo account get into a draw to win prizes.

The competition closes on 25.08.14 

Visit the official website:http://www.schick-china.com.cn/smoothlee-w5/
Source: Schick China
Credits: http://wunderman.com

Watch the latest Schick Exacta 2 – Version 2 commercial: here
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