An app turns the vending machine into a “favorite cafe”.

GEORGIA, Japan’s number one “canned coffee” brand, makes more than 70 percent of its revenue from purchases made by loyal fans through their network of approximately 1 million vending machines nationwide. As competitors face increasing competition GEORGIA is focusing on ways to strengthen the engagement between loyal fans and the vending machines in order to influence their purchasing habits and raise the likelihood of buying a GEORGIA.

THE SOLUTION An app turns the vending machine into a “favorite cafe” for those heavy users. It treats you like a local just like your neighborhood coffee shop. Introducing, “My Favorite Cafe – GEORGIA Vending Machine App”.

Register a vending machine that you regularly visit, and the app becomes a hotline between you and a cafe owner in the vending machine.


Users are verified by GPS. The cafe owner will send you a message when you are close to the vending machine. The more you visit the vending machine, the more intimate you become with the cafe owner.


Users create an intimate bond with the vending machines as they increase their visits. As a result, the ordinary vending machine positions itself as “one’s favorite cafe”, an extreme differentiating factor among the competition.


RESULT After its launch, “GEORGIA Vending Machine App” has seen extraordinary coverage through TV media,and the app itself became number one on the free apps rankings of the iTunes App Store of Japan.

According to user survey:
68.5% GEORGIA fans feel more attached to the brand than before,
41% visit a nearby vending machine more often.
The brand strengthened their engagement with loyal fans through this experiment.


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Credits: Dentsu Japan, Georgia Japan