Launched in February last year, the Asian short film portal Viddsee has now over five million people who have watched at least one of the over 500 short films on Viddsee, and roughly a third come back for more. 70 percent of viewers are from Asia, but a solid chunk also come from the US and UK, thanks to English subtitles (TechinAsia source)

Viddsee wants to help market films through editorials on its blog, Facebook, and syndication partners, increasing the reach for film makers beyond YouTube channels.

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For Asians, by Asians For fledgling filmmakers, the door to new audiences was thrown wide open with the advent of broadband internet. Today, reach is no longer the obstacle; the main challenge is a huge jumble of content on video sites… to avoid being drowned out, a few sites have stepped in to alleviate the problem like Maker Studios, which was recently acquired by Disney for over US$500 million.

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But even western portals like Maker Studios aren’t an ideal fit for Asian short films because the cultural differences don’t resonate with western audiences, says Tan.
“They don’t get picked up and don’t get curated in the west primarily because of the stories they have,” he says, which is where he and his co-founder spotted the opportunity. The clear focus on Asian short films (and now web series) has helped build the company’s brand among both viewers and filmmakers.

Time to get your short movies in !

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