Early next year, China will replace Canada as Starbuck’s second-largest market (after the USA), where the company opened its 1,000th store earlier this year.

“China is our ‘second home’ market outside of the U.S.,” says John Culver, Starbucks Group President of China and Asia Pacific.

“It’s a lifestyle to the Chinese,” says Culver. “It’s much more of a gathering place for social occasions.

With more than 1.2 billion people, the overall size of China’s market is more than three times larger than the U.S. market, he says. “The challenge is to get a tea-drinking culture to drink more coffee.” says Culver.

To reward its customers, Starbucks just launched a new loyalty program called : “Say Yes”.

Grab your favourite Frappuccino, share your moments with friends, upload your photos @ Starbucks China, including the # SAYYES, share on Twitter and the 6 fans with most votes will win great prizes (vouchers, and featured on Starbucks site, etc..) The voting mechanism is very easy. Cool way to celebrate this summer ! and encourage the young crowd to drink more Frappucino’s and coffee …. than tea!

Check Say Yes website: http://sayyes.starbucks.com.cn





Source: Starbucks China