For the world cup, Panasonic wanted to increase its support to Neymar Jr., the Brazilian footballer (partnership they have since 2010). However, Panasonic is neither an official FIFA member nor a Team Brazil sponsor – Therefore, the brand have been unable to show up at the actual game venues.

Dentsu Inc. Tokyo came on board and worked on where were the tens of millions of Neymar Jr. fans around the world …who were in exactly the same situation as Panasonic ! – e.g: who couldn’t buy a World Cup ticket! Barcelona for example is too far away from Brazil to go see Neymar Jr. playing there… But, together with the fans, Dentsu expressed their passionate support and tried to figure out what they could do to build up enthusiasm around the world. This idea and collaboration lead up to ‘Neymar Jr. Chant’ initiative.

Neymar Jr. Chant is created from fans’ messages and the best of Neymar Jr. goals and moves on Panasonic Facebook Pages. Lyrics were created from fans’ messages, A beat was created from the chosen TOP 10 goals and moves. What a brilliant idea!

Within 3 days of the “This Chant” PV released over 500,000 views, News coverage in over 10 countries evaluated at worth 5,000,000 USD of advertising.

A week later Barcelona and Brazil fans started chanting! It seems that Dentsu really managed to strengthen the connection between Neymar Jr. and his fans!

Check Neymar website:
And check the mixer and the sound technology on site !

Credits: Dentsu Japan
Source: Monster Dive

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