I always been fascinated by China – I have been curious this time in finding out which brands are really into social, and innovating in their space ? How is China Luxury market ?

L2 Think Tank, leader in business intelligence for digital, analysed the luxury market – they examine digital competence in China of 95 global and five local Fashion, Watches and Jewelry brands, across four dimensions of digital: Site & E-commerce, Social Media, Digital Marketing and Mobile & Tablet.

Below is the Digital IQ Score by Dimension  I choose the following brands: 



This is just brilliant. From my selection, Burberry and Tiffany& Co are the most innovative with video & mobile Buzz. Enter the brand that you wish to Benchmark and find out their DIQ Scores –  Enter Here

Among a study of 100 brands, the 10 top brands across these 4 dimensions are:

Source: http://www.l2thinktank.com (and get more data by becoming a member on their site).