The RISING EXPO is looking for startups who aspire to become the next-generation of successful Internet businesses in Asia.

RISING EXPO provides these opportunities for start-up companies that have passed the pre-screening selection process. Sponsors from all over the world that support startups, including leading venture capital firms as well as major operating companies will gather for the event.

Don’t miss it. Applications are now open for SEA, China, Korea and Japan round ! You can change the world from Asia.

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Round dates:  SEA: 17/06/2014
CHINA:  08/2014
KOREA: 19/05/2014
JAPAN: 8/08/2014

About the organisers
CyberAgent Ventures is a venture capital firm that specializes in IT and Internet business investments in Asia. With overseas offices in ten cities from seven countries with a focus on Asia, we provide funding and hands-on assistance to seed and early-stage startups. Our support and global business network enables startups to access the global markets and establish partnerships with local companies in these markets.
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Source: Rising Expo

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