Initiated in May 2011, KAP supports Korean art and culture at national level. Korean Artist Project gathers 75 artists from a total of 27 museums in 2014.

All of the art museums under The Korean Art Museum Association hold an exhibition through the KAP website and not only directly interact with the international leading art museums but also build up a network.

There is no doubt that KAP website will channel Korean contemporary art to a worldwide audience and foster exchange between people from different cultures.

“Our goal is to inspire greater opportunities for Korean artists on the global stage. We also hope KAP will serve a significant role in sharing Korean culture with art lovers worldwide.”

Definitely worth checking KAP site, hub gathering the best of Korean Artists:

Virtual exhibition list for 2014 is coming up soon.

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Artist: Koh Sang Woo
Museum: Zaha museum
Well known artist in blue photography
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 7.42.31 pm, KAP