Coca-Cola 可口可乐

Coca-Cola has launched its latest campaign in China using a new “Lyric bottle” conceived by Isobar. The campaign focuses on music as a catalyst for sharing a Coke.

Rohan Lightfoot, Managing Director Isobar Shanghai, said 

“We have a long track record of success with Coca-Cola in China, but we think this may be some of the best work we have ever done. The chance to play with something iconic as the Coke bottle and use one of the world’s most famous pieces of packaging as the launchpad for an entirely new digital experience is kind of surreal. It absolutely represents our belief in creating ideas without limits.”

The campaign puts lyrics from some of China’s most famous “best hits” on Coca-Cola packaging. In addition, each bottle allows people to scan the lyric to share a short clip of the same song in social media. These animated musical clips, designed to be shareable in social media, are a whole new way to consume music – “the shareable musical soundbite”. Isobar is calling these new digital objects “Musicons” (for “musical emoticons”). Every Lyric Coke bottle allows the drinker to share the relevant Musicon clip that relates to the lyric on the bottle. Simple, and brilliant!

Tim Doherty, Chief Creative Officer, Isobar China, added:

“By putting song lyrics on Coke bottles and cans, we’ve made the product itself a vehicle for self-expression. With this campaign, people in China can signal how they are feeling by sharing a Coke with the juicy heart of a song on it. As a concept, Musicons are to songs what tweets are to blogs. Sometimes a soundbite says it better.”

Source: Campaign Brief

Check the campaign (still live) here:

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.36.04 pm



Watch the video – How “Lyric Coke” works

Creative Agency 创意代理商: wwwins Isobar 知世安索帕 上海
Digital Agency 数字代理商: wwwins Isobar 知世安索帕 上海