Tiffany & Co.  China presents Tiffany Keys, the brand’s iconic diamond “pendant” shining bright light, expressing the joy of life, the vision of a better future, re defining the infinite possibilities of life.

Tiffany collaborated with outstanding women including Zhang Ziyi, (a famous Chinese film actress and model. She is considered as one of the Four Dan Actresses of China), and Na Li (a Chinese professional tennis player who is currently ranked world No. 2 by the Women’s Tennis Association). With three Chinese new era of women, all have strong and distinct personality, and successful in their own respective fields. At times, they’ve been lost, confused, not knowing what to do and where to go. Beyond their self portrait, the brand is portraying and revealing their inner truth, their key to open the door to the future.

To portray the image of a modern woman known contemporary paintings artists, Yu Hung, paints their portraits (oil painting style) for Tiffany. After close interview and catch up, the artist Yu Hong express her perspective on the image of the three women – their styles, prestance, facial interpretations to show the infinite possibilities of their inner strengths.

Fans could upload one of their favourite portrait, enter their “Tiffany Keys heart” inspiration statement, and share it via social media channel, including Weibo.

Digital agency/credits : W+K Shanghai

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Born 1966 in Beijing, China; lives and works in Beijing. Yu Hong studied oil painting at the Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing (1984-88) and obtained a Master of Arts from the Central Academy of Fine Arts (1994-96).

“Yu Hong … is among the most highly-regarded figurative painter, widely celebrated for her intimate, unpretentious, and highly tactile work. She and a small group of colleagues became known as the “New Generation” artists, known for their highly personal figurative works. Yu Hong graduated from the oil painting department at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in 1995 and currently teaches there.”