I am not a huge fan of Racing Formula 1, but I was watching the race when Ayrton Senna died in his tragic accident in May 1994. That image, still lives in the back of my mind.

Dentsu Japan and Honda launched the initiative to recreate his engine sound and bring Ayrton’s spririt back on the race. An oldy but this campaign is still gold.  To make it happen, Honda is using Telemetry, a system that collects and analyses data from the accelerator and engine.

How does it work ?

A telemetering system typically consists of a transducer as an input device, a transmission medium in the form of wired lines or radio waves, signal processing devices, and devices for recording or displaying data. The transducer converts a physical quantity such as temperature, pressure or vibration into a corresponding electrical signal, which is then transmitted over a distance for the purpose of measurement and recording.

Very cool, and can’t wait to see more Telemetry applications in the future.

Watch the video here

Credits: Dentsu Japan.