For London Fashion Week, Burberry demonstrated once again that it was part of the latest cutting edge technology. The brand launched a partnership with WeChat, one of the most popular messaging platforms in China.

This device allowed users to obtain exclusive information, audio descriptions about the looks, backstage photos and personalise certain Burberry pieces.

Watch the video here

About WeChat

WeChat has enjoyed explosive growth over the last few years and has de-throned Weibo as the go-to social medium in China. In this first wave of growth, it has been the networking and communications functions that have been most notable. The comparisons to Weibo during this first wave have been easy to make. WeChat and Weibo both allow for audiences to group friends together, share information, and stories.

WeChat is different in a couple of critical areas: first, the connections between friends are much tighter, and second, WeChat is a native mobile application and takes advantage of this with unique offerings – including e-commerce and mobile payments.

The potential of WeChat is huge, and we will find more brands using instant messaging platforms in the near future, especially in the e-commerce space.

Source: ClickZ


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