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What a smart idea ! 

Google + and Optus joined force to create The World’s First Shark detection prototype. Clever Buoy is a R&D programme aimed at launching one day on the market a viable alternative to the current shark defence methods.

How does it work ?  Shark detections are alerted via a signal on shore. The system is using quite fascinating technology. The data is being transferred using a two way Inmarsat Isatdata Pro Satellite service, which can remotely fixed and mobile assets anywhere in the world. The system is also using the art of sonar imaging technology deployed on the seabed to provide accurate, real time data capture.

The data is also shared on Google + channel to share in real time shark alerts to both the public and the lifeguards on the beach, so they can raise the alarm. I would be interested to know the reach of this app in the next few months.

No stress going to the beach  *soon*
Check their website , and video.