Cat in Japan

Vice published the first set of the best ads of 2014

I love Japan and all “CatVertising” – Lotte reminds me how much I want a cat bus driving me to work everyday !

This Lotte ad for a new gum flavour is strange but cute check the video

I wonder if this ad has been successful ? naked women are selling… why not cats !

In honor of our feline friends, a few awesome CatVertising driving the Internet wild ! Enjoy the series.

1.Bouygues Telecom offers you a fun moment with kittens.Watch the ad here
2. Skittles Touch: Cat – get licked by this weird Skittles spot, part of the unsettling “Touch” series from BBDO in Toronto. Lick the rainbow ! Watch the ad here
3.  The future already looks grim. Imagine if cats had thumbs from Wieden + Kennedy London. Watch the ad here
4.  A cat is wearing glasses and taking a plane ride! Tagline: ‘Profitable: Hotel Yakumo.'” Watch the ad here

Watch this digital advertising agency specialising in CatVertising only!