The french film festival is in full swing, and I had the chance to catch up with my friends … the first movie we saw was Mademoiselle C, that has just been released in France  (thanks to all the people who worked so quickly on the subtitles)

Watch the official trailer (yes, it’s worth it!)

To give you a little bit of background, Carine Roitfeld ran French Vogue for 10 years, building a reputation as one of fashion’s most influential movers. Her inner circle of friends includes Donatella Versace, Tom Ford, Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander Wang etc… )

Mademoiselle C chronicles Carine’s launch of her new magazine “CR Fashion Book.” It gives a rare inside glimpse at the inner workings not only of Roitfeld’s professional world but also her personal life.

This film is all about transition in life – the audience can watch Carine moving to New York, starting a new business, and becoming a grandmother. I found this movie really refreshing, she is really down to earth,typical parisian chic which is always hard to describe. She is passionate, and creative. Her photography and vision is a role model for me.

Just released now in France !  Fashionistas ? check their Facebook page
Critics about the movie, and interview with Carine Roitfeld, read this article from filmophilia

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