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Shout out of the day…

to …Netvibes who just launched two major upgrades to their platforms, including,  I quote:

A new Reader: Completely redesigned for a more beautiful and thoughtful way to read.

  • Optimized for maximum readability and minimum distractions.
  • New Magic Mosaic layout to showcase all the images from your feeds.
  • Filtered to percolate your less frequently updated feeds to the top.

A new VIP program: Now with more benefits.

  • Universal Search: Find what you need on your dashboard, and find it easily.
  • Faceted Exploration: Dig deeper into your search results, filter by author, date, etc.
  • Tracked Topics: Save search results to monitor topics.

I tried it and the UX is beautiful, very intuitive.  if you don’t have a social media aggregator to keep all your feeds into one spot, then this aggregator is worth a go !

Enjoy and start “dashboarding ” everything !