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Waking up at 7 AM … and getting ready for the Unconventional conference, which is the largest entrepreneur conference in Australia. I didn’t know what to expect and how many people will be there. We arrived in at 8.30 AM and the crowd was already bursting full of energy and ready for an epic saturday full of tips and tricks on how to be successful at creating your own company:  “What is it to be an entrepreneur?”

This session was a no brainer to me, but it truly pushed me to always go back to the basis, taking care of oneself, and ask yourself, what are we truly passionate about ? what do YOU want to do? What kind of lifestyle do YOU want to achieve? …You want to be successful, yet, did you set up some goals to measure yourself on a daily or weekly basis? Are you even setting yourself first for success?  I find it funny. It all comes down to listening to your inner voice, and have the guts and courage to follow your ideas or to change your convictions. I was looking around, there was probably 10,000 of us, and if we followed the statistics, this means that only a handful of us will actually make it through ? like… euh.. 20 of us …present in the room?

All these statistics always strike me. Why some much failure? is it the idea? the lack of business knowledge? lack of commitement? or luck? (well, probably a mix of all of it) – A few quotes resonate with me:  ” failure at the early stage of a business is not how many wrongs you did, but the fact you didn’t do enough right” – And the second quote was : “creating your business is like migrating to another country”.

No surprise here. You will not go through sacrifices, and go through the immigration with all its legal restrictions if you are not truly passionate about your new country. What make the difference between the “short” term vs. “long term” resident is the “blind faith” and the love that you have for the people. It’s not only about the country financial and economical situation, but the lifestyle and the people. The same philosophy can be applied in business. This is not just about getting the “idea”, rather this is about your “world”, your idea is living and has an ecosystem that will lead you to feel a greater inspiration.

Truly riveting and refreshing conference. Such a great way to start a weekend –  You can check more on their website Australia’s largest event for entrepreneurs:

To sum up, don’t  push it. The idea will come to you, and fall in love with you, pick you, and you will feel when the time is right; only then further business advices can become handy.

True passion is unstoppable. You will be unstoppable, and the destiny will clear a path for you. You will craft the idea as much as the idea craft you and keep you awake.

Remember, I know its’ cliche, but…  “I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that did not work.” Thomas Edison