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I share what I love, and this video really inspires me … I really want to continue my learning in computer science and cognitive neuroscience. I’m a nerd, Oh well !

I am very happy to live into a society where the 3 D technology is leading soon , and not only limited in medicine and architecture; but also forming part in our everyday life.  You can create any kind of personalised jewellery from a photography, create your own shoes, kitchen equipment. etc..

BUT 4D is intriguing me….

…What is 4 D?
It’s like imagining robotics-like behavior without the reliance on complex electro-mechanical devices ! Self assembly elements coming together and reacting to their own environment -e.g activation by water, sun, noise. We have now the ability to program biological and physical material to change shape, property, and react to their environment.

I let you discover 4 D by reading the interactive script here

Worth watching Skylar lab video – TED conference