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The next decade will see the emergence of a radical and exciting new connected world as the Internet of Things becomes reality.

The forecasts vary widely but there is one constant throughout – the numbers are big. Huge, in fact. Analyst Gartner puts the Internet of Things at 26 billion connected devices in 2020 (up from just 900 million in 2009). And that dwarfs the number of other connected devices – smartphones, tablets and PCs – which will reach 7.3 billion by 2020.

These devices will range from sensors in everyday objects such as fridges, heating systems, traffic signals, vehicles and street lighting to remote healthcare and automating industrial and manufacturing processes that boost productivity.

I can’t wait to wear technologies such as wristbands and watches recording and monitoring things like fitness, heart rate and other health-related uses. (no, i don’t have health problem right now, but i m thinking about the new generation helping the old generation).

” But beyond the current wave of wearable tech, is the human body itself about to become the next ‘connected device’? ”

It is true that we are entering in a hybrid age where the boundaries between man and machine will become increasingly blurred.

After all, Google has recently announced its testing of  a smart contact lens for people with diabetes that would measure glucose levels in tears instead of the conventional finger prick blood testing…

What else ?

Ericsson has developed technology that enables the human body to transmit data, using the natural electrical properties of the body, while Microsoft has applied for a patent to transfer data from one device to another through touch.

The application suggests future uses such as : using your hand to authenticate payments instead of a credit or debit card, or share information with someone by shaking hands.

Why not ?

For some, it’s fascinating. For others, terrifying. Could The Internet of Humans be the next evolution in mobile computing form factor ?

I let you think about it.