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We love People, Humanity, Technology, Tradition and Culture. Without Art & Culture, we have nothing, time has no meaning.

We want to create a new paradigm where our future is grounded in our past cultures so we can give true meaning to our modern way of life. Science and Spirituality are working together so we can reach our full potential. Technology is a powerful "enhancer" but has no meaning per se, it magnifies our thinking but it doesn't direct where our hearts want to go; so let's calm our mind and focus on our-self first to bring more happiness and peace around us.

We have a big vision for the future, and we want you to be part of it. We want to share regular updates about each Art of Livings as we are bringing a new kind of Zen experience to the world.

Our community is for people who see and act on possibilities, connections & expressions. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy it.

Have a taste for what's coming up below when Tradition & Future collide.

Our mission is to bring back humanity to the world, to bring people together, and care for each other.

We believe that we can truly fulfil oneself by looking inwards, be smart, kind, grateful for all the things we have, and by staying grounded to all the Art of Livings that previous generations have taught us. Use Technology to change the world.

Teatime: A hug for the soul and spirit.


Celebrate traditional Tea culture & Way of life. A moment where everyone can equally and simply be at peace.  The power of Now & ichi-go ichi-e, "one opportunity, one encounter."


The "voice of the flowers" - Reconnect with nature and all its benefits. Ikebana is characterised by ‘extreme discipline and minimalism’. An intense study of a floral specimen to reveal its essential form. It is a balanced, contemplative, a "meditative" art.

OUR Heart - Visualisation of our Inner Strengths

Everyone is busy focusing on the technical aspects of our lives. Do we even know who we truly are? Time to take our power back, raise our energies, realign, and own your life.

OUR Brain - Digital enabler of our future Dreams & Experiences

Technology allows us to dream and explore other dimensions of connections. Time to dream and harness the Technology force. We explore the latest technologies & trends that truly are enhancing human's lives and create a new paradigm in the world.


Fantasy helps build mental resilience and help dealing with stress.

Fantasy do not need to provide a mirror image of reality in order to offer compelling stories about serious social and political issues. The fact that the setting or characters are extraordinary may be precisely why they are powerful and where their value lies. Be WHO YOU WANT to be! 

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We want to hear from you.  Give us your feedback! 


 / YOU

We want to hear from you.  Give us your feedback! 


/ YOU 


We want to hear from you.  Give us your feedback! 



We are launching a new Zen 

We are launching a new Tech Zen experience where people can gather, relax, meditate and re orientate themselves.

Our purpose is to help individuals unlock their greatest gifts so they can step into their True power and create a life of Freedom doing what they Love - Tea & Flowers traditions are helping us to stay grounded, stay in the moment, the “Now”. Understand more about meditations and Zen way of life and how technology can magnify your desires and what you can accomplish once you set your heart to act on possibilities. If you’re ready to upgrade yourself and be at your best then this community is for you!


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